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Dragon fruit flowers

Drytech heat pump dryers use for drying dragon fruit flowers
Pitaya flowers
Vernacular names of Hylocereus:
These plant are commonly known in English as "dragon fruit flower", reflecting its vernacular Asian names. These include the Indonesia buah naga (lit. dragon fruit), the Khmer sror kaa neak (dragon scale), the Thai kaeo mangkon (Thai: แก้วมังกร) (dragon crystal), the Lao maak manggohn (Lao: ຫມາກມັງກອນ), the Vietnamese thanh long (green dragon), and the Chinese huǒ lóng guǒ (fire dragon fruit) or lóng zhū guǒ (dragon pearl fruit). Other vernacular names are "strawberry pear" or "nanettika fruit".The name 'pitahaya' or 'pitaya' is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, derived from the Spanish rendition of the Haitian.

Pitaya flower can either be cooked with or without meat or made into tea. It is a real natural healthy food but difficult to store, transport and process due to its high content, even more than 86%. Only a very little of fresh pitaya flower is eaten by people in Guangdong or made into soup. Most of pitaya flower is dried. Some dried pitaya flower available in the current market are dusky, poor-quality and easy to ferment. Some is smoked by sulphur so much that its safety can’t be guaranteed. Guangzhou Kaineng Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a new-typed heat pump pitaya flower dryerwhich is energy-saving, environmental and efficient and can produce high-quality dried pitaya flower.
Case Study
The pitaya flower drying base, located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, has a capability of curing 10 tons of pitaya flower in each flower season based on customers’ yield. It used to dry pitaya flower with coal-burning boilers which produced serious pollution, occupied a larger area and needed a lot of manual operation, and had to continuously buy coals. A large quantity of heat was wasted as the coal was burning. Furthermore, it could only cure a small amount of fresh pitaya flower at a time. Customers decided to use our DRYTECH pitaya flower dryer. It planned to dry 3 tons of fresh pitaya flower at a time at the beginning. Based on this, we designed a drying cabinet with a volume of 120 cubic meters to meet its requirement. The drying cabinet we provided was large enough to contain 4 tons of fresh pitaya flower. So, we provided 2 sets of DRYTECH machines (DT1200HD) which are able to process 3.5 tons of fresh pitaya flowers as required by customers. After several repeating tests, it only takes 20 hours for DRYTECH dryers to dry out 3.5 tons of fresh pitaya flower. Pictures show that the pitaya flower dried by DRYTECH dryer is more lustrous than that dried by burning wood or coal. DRYTECH dryer facilitates you to produce an energy-saving, environmental, pollution-free, healthy and green food. So, DRYTECH dryer is worthy of your trust.

The drying effect

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